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Angela Reedy

Certified Sexual Addiction Counselor | Ordained Minister | Life Coach 

Angela has a passion for coming alongside others and helping them through the big “T” traumas and the little “t” traumas. She has experience working with sexual assault, complex PTSD, combat injury, addictions, couples, grief, families, and a full spectrum of mental health challenges ranging from depression to schizophrenia and specializes in complex trauma, grief/loss, and addictions.


25 years ago she began her career as a medical assistant and began teaching at the vocational school she attended. After 8 years, she enlisted in the US Navy, where she served as a first responder and was part of the regional Sexual Assault Victims Intervention team both overseas and in San Diego, CA. As a military spouse, she lived in Japan with kids in tow, and has a deep understanding of the effects of betrayal, infidelity, and cross addictions. While in Japan, she enrolled in seminary, where she earned a Master's in Christian Ministry and found herself working as a Chaplain in the SD-VA PTSD clinic, and later in the emergency department at UCSD Hillcrest. This ultimately led her to return to graduate school to pursue a career in Clinical Psychology, serving now as a life coach, a therapist, and an educator. Angela has an MA in Clinical Psychology, and is in pursuit of her doctorates in Education in Community Care and Counseling with a focus in Traumatology. She has worked as a Hospice Spiritual Care and Bereavement Coordinator, a counselor at several crisis houses and transitional living centers, as well for non-profit agencies providing therapeutic services. Angela found Psalms of Healing where she has trained to specifically treat sexual addiction and betrayal trauma. She is so excited to get to meet with clients, help them heal, grow and to get to come alongside them on this journey.

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