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Polygraph Exam

What is the most painful aspect of discovering your spouse/partner has been unfaithful? Almost unanimously we hear, "the lies".


Polygraphs are a fundamental part of healing from Betrayal Trauma, knowing that you finally have the full truth, and for healing from Sex Addiction, finally being 100% honest.  

In order to obtain complete honesty and to know for sure, Polygraphs have become a key step in the Recovery process. 

Here at Psalms of Healing we know how painful and scary this process has already been for you. Meeting with complete strangers and sharing the most vulnerable aspects of your life. Building rapport and a trusting relationship with your counselor , or anyone, takes time. This is why we have decided to offer Polygraph Exams, from the privacy of our office, to each of our clients that have chosen to go that route. We want this process to feel as safe and be as private for you as we possibly can, which is why we are cutting out the middle man. 

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